Retreat Hill Winery

IMG_1663Man, played for the folks at the Retreat Hill Winery in Navasota, Texas. What a cool place!!! They have a store in Montgomery, the Retreat Hill Wine Cellar, and from what I hear it’s worth a stop. The vineyard was a blast. Can’t go wrong with Wine, BBQ, Pie and 300+ people ready to drink and dance. Thumbs up to the place and thumbs up to their wine!!!


It might technically be the “Year of the Snake”, but we’re feelin’ a “Year of the Grizz”. Album#2 is well underway and our calendar is filling up. Yep, things are lookin’ up for the Old Grizzled Grizz (who actually isn’t that old). Keep your eyes glued for new shows. This week we’re playing the House of Blues in Houston, on Thursday, and the Retreat Hill Winery up in Navasota, on Saturday. We’ll be dusting off our Travelin’ capes here pretty soon, so that’ll be something to look out for.


Grand Old Website

Hello inter-web. It’s been a slow turn, but our web-site is up and running. If your reading this you probably didn’t need to be told that. What’s in store? We’re gonna have shows, pics, videos (in the works), and other random news we deem marvelistic and worthy enough.  We’ll have some very suspect grammar. We’ll have stories from the road, the stage or the studio. W’ell have guest bloggers, in addition to any of the GOG who might decide a rant is necessary. We’ll have some songs that would otherwise never see the light of day, some live, some just not album appropriate, and some done at a time when the best option is to just put’em online. We’ll have some things we don’t even know we’ll have.  We’ll have updates on our stolen instruments (FYI-Duesenberg Imperial (red), Airline Tuxedo(red)), if there ever is any. Most important we’ll have a home-base here on the inter-web. Come back often and we’ll have something new for you. In the meantime, to quote Dennis “The Menace” Hopper: “have a good road and keep the wind at your back”.