Next Album-News

Well, the news is good. The next, as of yet untitled, album is well underway. 12 songs so far. Maybe we’ll add more, maybe we’ll just save them for the next album. If you have seen us live lately, you have heard the new songs. They are getting a great reaction and we couldn’t be more excited to get them down.
While the process of playing the songs you are currently recording can be at times frustrating, its a great way to grow the songs. That’s also why its frustrating. For Instance: we are playing in Austin the other day at the new venue under The Parish. It’s called the Parish Underground and was so new they hadn’t even had their grand opening yet. Anyways, midway through a new song Paul realized, as did I, that the structure is just a little off what it really needs to be. So, that means we will be starting over in the studio with that song. None of this editing nonsense, we will record the song again from scratch at thats that. Fortunately our relationship with BeeBe Gunn Studios is one that allows us a little more time to get things absolutely right. We’ll probably end up posting the old version up here anyway, just to let others compare. Then, anybody can see how such a tiny change forced us to re-record the whole damn song. You just can’t live with “almost”.
So thats the news. More to come when it breaks.