House of Blues 3/22/13

Here’s a quick clip and a pic of our last show. Great times at House of Blues. Both Drake White and Blackberry Smoke came to play, super nice guys to boot. The best part though, as usual was the crowd. Nicest people on earth! They got there early and they stayed late. That’s how live music should be! A fan/friend sent us these. It’s a clip of a yet unreleased song, and strangely enough all that was recorded was the bridge, go figure. Anyways, Man oh man, that was a fun show.


Continental Club March 2nd

559691_416440125116498_2054911152_nSo, the Whiskey Sisters got sick last weekend. On the day of their CD release, at the Continental Club (Houston), one of the ladies lost her voice. Quite the bummer! We wish her a speedy recovery.
But, all was not lost… It started with what sounded like a distant diesel truck lumbering down the road… The kind of steady hum that sounded like the drivers foot had been hammer-down for days. The next thing we knew the doors blew open and Thunderado was up on stage. Lighting bolts in hand and fresh off another hurricane they had just released over at Blanco’s. They plowed through a non-stop set I would only compare to a musical thunderstorm of Rockabill-ish-desert-gypsy-mud-tonk. Needless to say they were fantastic. I’ll be honest our show was pretty marvelistic itself. We had the ever-amazing James T. Thompson filling in on the guitar and when asked to “bring it” he “brought it”.
Another last minute add on, The Palisades showed and harmonized their way through some of the best Americana tunes of the last 50 years.
Truth be told it was a great night of music at the Continental Club. The crowd was fantastic as usual. Thanks for coming everybody. And as always, Thank you dancers!