Acoustic “Morning”-Demo

Here’s a little different take on the song “Morning”. Its just Will and his guitar, keeping it G-rated (if you’ve heard the original version you will know the difference). Its a noticeable “fucking” difference.

After having so much fun at the Leon Russell show, with the acoustic arrangements, we are talking about doing a live acoustic album. It would probably be done live in the studio, but it would be the band, plus maybe a few guests, doing some old/ new songs in their bare bones form. “Grizzly Bare” has been tossed around…

Morning (Acoustic-Solo)
Morning (Acoustic)




Leon Russell



Pretty amazing opening up for Leon Russell. Crowd was early and excited. We did an acoustic performance, just Me and Paul. Leon’s band was cool, Leon was cool, everybody was cool. Had a moment, mid-song, when I realized how many covers I played back when I was just getting started that probably had Leon playing on the recorded version. Most people probably don’t even realize how much he did, check this out: Leon Russel’s Life

No doubt he’s a musical hero of GOG.

T’was a Grand Wednesday!