The story of Lamenting “Lament”.

Lament is the only song on the album that is co-written, although it is an odd sort of co-write. Mark had some chords and some changes he liked, no words to go with them. Will had four-ish, unfinished/nevergoingtobefinished set of song lyrics. Mark mentioned the need for lyrics to Will, Will mentioned the need for music for the lyrics. So, mark went through the lyrics, took what he liked, reworked it, added/subtracted/trashed/repeated, did what it took, to come out with a cohesive song and a cohesive story. So “Lament of a something something something” was born (I forget the original title). Will then made some more changes, mostly minor changes. The recording of this song was especially arduous, as it was constantly evolving. Paul subsequently used his producer powers and shortened the name to “Lament” in an expression of his personal feelings for the awkwardly long recording session the song was receiving. Thusly, “Lament” was born.