We give this album review an “A”

Here’s an album review by Tom Haugen over at the Daily vault. It’s really an amazing review from our perspective. It’s always cool when someone is able to look through the same lenses as us:

“What’s this, a standout Americana outfit who aren’t punk guys trying to extend a stalled out career by abandoning their electric guitars for a pedal steel and Wranglers? Not a chance. What we have here are some fine musicians from Houston who never fronted straightedge bands, had a video on MTV during the punk explosion of the mid ’90s, and who probably cite The Jayhawks as a more relevant band than Social Distortion. bim_ad_daily_vault_print_250

If one had to make a checklist of the imperative hallmarks of a classic Americana album, Grand Old Grizzly’s self-titled effort would surely meet all the requirements. Clever band name: check. Interesting cover art: check. And the music? Well, let me tell you something about how these Texans display their talents.

The first half of the album is chocked full of impressive sounds from the alt-country of “Morning” to the quick country shuffle and vocal harmonies of “The Sundowners.” “Tallahassee” brings in a louder country rock tune that leads into the quiet and dreamy “I Was Thinkin’,” and “Indecision” sounds like the song that Rhett Miller (Old 97’s) forgot to write.

The second half doesn’t disappoint either. “Lament” illustrates how great they are at warm ballads, “Marvelistic Coward Band” unfolds in almost psyche-country vein, and the swift “Approaching Cars” has brushed percussion with a playful Western feel.

Frontman Will Thomas has a knack for vivid storytelling that’s as consistently solid as the musicianship, as the band employ just the right amount of lap steel and banjos among the standard rock band noisemakers. An instantly embraceable meshing of folk, indie, country, rock and roots flavored sounds, Grand Old Grizzly has just as much in common with Tom Petty and Uncle Tupelo as they do newer stars like Drive By Truckers and Lucero. I dare you not to love this album.
Rating: A-“

Album Trivia

The story of Lamenting “Lament”.

Lament is the only song on the album that is co-written, although it is an odd sort of co-write. Mark had some chords and some changes he liked, no words to go with them. Will had four-ish, unfinished/nevergoingtobefinished set of song lyrics. Mark mentioned the need for lyrics to Will, Will mentioned the need for music for the lyrics. So, mark went through the lyrics, took what he liked, reworked it, added/subtracted/trashed/repeated, did what it took, to come out with a cohesive song and a cohesive story. So “Lament of a something something something” was born (I forget the original title). Will then made some more changes, mostly minor changes. The recording of this song was especially arduous, as it was constantly evolving. Paul subsequently used his producer powers and shortened the name to “Lament” in an expression of his personal feelings for the awkwardly long recording session the song was receiving. Thusly, “Lament” was born.

Album review

We’ve received a good amount of album reviews lately, and for the most part, they are very positive. I really liked this one. So, I posted it here.


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Well, it appears we have a blank schedule ahead of us. Never fear, this Grizz doesnt hibernate. No, it’s new album time. We have been recording this album for close to a year, even before the other album was released. Were close, damn close! So, we have decided to go ahead and wrap this thing up before the new year. That doesn’t mean it will be available before then, but it will at least be completely recorded. Yep, we’ll be up in Beebe Gunn studios for the near future, and of course, we’ll be putting some new shows on the books soon. We’ll get some shows on the books once we see a light at the end of this tunnel.

Acoustic “Morning”-Demo

Here’s a little different take on the song “Morning”. Its just Will and his guitar, keeping it G-rated (if you’ve heard the original version you will know the difference). Its a noticeable “fucking” difference.

After having so much fun at the Leon Russell show, with the acoustic arrangements, we are talking about doing a live acoustic album. It would probably be done live in the studio, but it would be the band, plus maybe a few guests, doing some old/ new songs in their bare bones form. “Grizzly Bare” has been tossed around…

Morning (Acoustic-Solo)
Morning (Acoustic)




Leon Russell



Pretty amazing opening up for Leon Russell. Crowd was early and excited. We did an acoustic performance, just Me and Paul. Leon’s band was cool, Leon was cool, everybody was cool. Had a moment, mid-song, when I realized how many covers I played back when I was just getting started that probably had Leon playing on the recorded version. Most people probably don’t even realize how much he did, check this out: Leon Russel’s Life

No doubt he’s a musical hero of GOG.

T’was a Grand Wednesday!


HPMA 2013

GOG would like to thanks all of the people who helped us get nominated for the 2013 Houston Press Music Awards. A real treat! There are some really awesome bands up for awards this year, and we are just happy to be included in the nominations. Thanks Mis Amigos!

Hope to see y’all out at some shows later this week.