Acoustic “Morning”-Demo

Here’s a little different take on the song “Morning”. Its just Will and his guitar, keeping it G-rated (if you’ve heard the original version you will know the difference). Its a noticeable “fucking” difference.

After having so much fun at the Leon Russell show, with the acoustic arrangements, we are talking about doing a live acoustic album. It would probably be done live in the studio, but it would be the band, plus maybe a few guests, doing some old/ new songs in their bare bones form. “Grizzly Bare” has been tossed around…

Morning (Acoustic-Solo)
Morning (Acoustic)




Leon Russell



Pretty amazing opening up for Leon Russell. Crowd was early and excited. We did an acoustic performance, just Me and Paul. Leon’s band was cool, Leon was cool, everybody was cool. Had a moment, mid-song, when I realized how many covers I played back when I was just getting started that probably had Leon playing on the recorded version. Most people probably don’t even realize how much he did, check this out: Leon Russel’s Life

No doubt he’s a musical hero of GOG.

T’was a Grand Wednesday!


HPMA 2013

GOG would like to thanks all of the people who helped us get nominated for the 2013 Houston Press Music Awards. A real treat! There are some really awesome bands up for awards this year, and we are just happy to be included in the nominations. Thanks Mis Amigos!

Hope to see y’all out at some shows later this week.


Kickstarter Succes!

No, it wasn’t our success. But a win for a friend is a win indeed. Our good buddies with Charlie Hager and The Captain Legendary Band met their goal of 20k for their live recording. Thats Legendary as far as I’m concerned, and I’m concerned pretty far…
It’s going to happen on May 4th at the Firehouse Saloon in Houston, Texas. The crowd is getting lyric sheets, so they’ll be on the album too! And of course, GOG will be getting things warmed up. Not sure when we take the stage, and under what conditions, but we’ll kick it off at some point. That’ll give everybody, including TCLB, a chance to get their pipes warmed up. Also, it’ll give everyone time to get their singing voices ready…

House of Blues 3/22/13

Here’s a quick clip and a pic of our last show. Great times at House of Blues. Both Drake White and Blackberry Smoke came to play, super nice guys to boot. The best part though, as usual was the crowd. Nicest people on earth! They got there early and they stayed late. That’s how live music should be! A fan/friend sent us these. It’s a clip of a yet unreleased song, and strangely enough all that was recorded was the bridge, go figure. Anyways, Man oh man, that was a fun show.


Continental Club March 2nd

559691_416440125116498_2054911152_nSo, the Whiskey Sisters got sick last weekend. On the day of their CD release, at the Continental Club (Houston), one of the ladies lost her voice. Quite the bummer! We wish her a speedy recovery.
But, all was not lost… It started with what sounded like a distant diesel truck lumbering down the road… The kind of steady hum that sounded like the drivers foot had been hammer-down for days. The next thing we knew the doors blew open and Thunderado was up on stage. Lighting bolts in hand and fresh off another hurricane they had just released over at Blanco’s. They plowed through a non-stop set I would only compare to a musical thunderstorm of Rockabill-ish-desert-gypsy-mud-tonk. Needless to say they were fantastic. I’ll be honest our show was pretty marvelistic itself. We had the ever-amazing James T. Thompson filling in on the guitar and when asked to “bring it” he “brought it”.
Another last minute add on, The Palisades showed and harmonized their way through some of the best Americana tunes of the last 50 years.
Truth be told it was a great night of music at the Continental Club. The crowd was fantastic as usual. Thanks for coming everybody. And as always, Thank you dancers!

Next Album-News

Well, the news is good. The next, as of yet untitled, album is well underway. 12 songs so far. Maybe we’ll add more, maybe we’ll just save them for the next album. If you have seen us live lately, you have heard the new songs. They are getting a great reaction and we couldn’t be more excited to get them down.
While the process of playing the songs you are currently recording can be at times frustrating, its a great way to grow the songs. That’s also why its frustrating. For Instance: we are playing in Austin the other day at the new venue under The Parish. It’s called the Parish Underground and was so new they hadn’t even had their grand opening yet. Anyways, midway through a new song Paul realized, as did I, that the structure is just a little off what it really needs to be. So, that means we will be starting over in the studio with that song. None of this editing nonsense, we will record the song again from scratch at thats that. Fortunately our relationship with BeeBe Gunn Studios is one that allows us a little more time to get things absolutely right. We’ll probably end up posting the old version up here anyway, just to let others compare. Then, anybody can see how such a tiny change forced us to re-record the whole damn song. You just can’t live with “almost”.
So thats the news. More to come when it breaks.

Retreat Hill Winery

IMG_1663Man, played for the folks at the Retreat Hill Winery in Navasota, Texas. What a cool place!!! They have a store in Montgomery, the Retreat Hill Wine Cellar, and from what I hear it’s worth a stop. The vineyard was a blast. Can’t go wrong with Wine, BBQ, Pie and 300+ people ready to drink and dance. Thumbs up to the place and thumbs up to their wine!!!


It might technically be the “Year of the Snake”, but we’re feelin’ a “Year of the Grizz”. Album#2 is well underway and our calendar is filling up. Yep, things are lookin’ up for the Old Grizzled Grizz (who actually isn’t that old). Keep your eyes glued for new shows. This week we’re playing the House of Blues in Houston, on Thursday, and the Retreat Hill Winery up in Navasota, on Saturday. We’ll be dusting off our Travelin’ capes here pretty soon, so that’ll be something to look out for.


Grand Old Website

Hello inter-web. It’s been a slow turn, but our web-site is up and running. If your reading this you probably didn’t need to be told that. What’s in store? We’re gonna have shows, pics, videos (in the works), and other random news we deem marvelistic and worthy enough.  We’ll have some very suspect grammar. We’ll have stories from the road, the stage or the studio. W’ell have guest bloggers, in addition to any of the GOG who might decide a rant is necessary. We’ll have some songs that would otherwise never see the light of day, some live, some just not album appropriate, and some done at a time when the best option is to just put’em online. We’ll have some things we don’t even know we’ll have.  We’ll have updates on our stolen instruments (FYI-Duesenberg Imperial (red), Airline Tuxedo(red)), if there ever is any. Most important we’ll have a home-base here on the inter-web. Come back often and we’ll have something new for you. In the meantime, to quote Dennis “The Menace” Hopper: “have a good road and keep the wind at your back”.